August 20, 2014

Minsooky is Going Bye Bye! :(

Hey all...

First off, thanks for sticking with this blog for the past 2 years.  It's been quite an adventure -- this blog has nearly 200,000 views right now, and I've also met a lot of cool bloggers and friends as well.

With that said, this is the last post you'll see here on  Unfortunately, Blogger is fairly unfriendly to work with, and I've had more than my share of issues along the way.  A week ago, I made the plunge to buy my own website and blog using Wordpress.

You can view my NEW website and blog at  From now on, I'll blog there!

Again, thank you for the support, and check out my new website for regular updates :)



June 7, 2014

Goodbye, Sephiroth

It was a hard decision to make, but I've decided to put down my cat Sephiroth.  You may have seen in previous videos I mentioned that he was old and sick--well, it seems his time has finally come.

My parents adopted him a month before my 9th birthday, way back in 1995.  We didn't know what to name him, so we just called him "kitty" or "sweetie."  After I played Final Fantasy 7 though (for me, that was when I was 11) I decided to name him Sephiroth, since he was gray and was a pretty agile cat.

He has been a very good cat, but for the past two years has been deteriorating.  He has been suffering from end stage kidney failure, which is always terminal.  Last week was when it finally hit rock bottom: He was unable to move anymore or get up.  I fed him soft food and gave him water since he couldn't do it himself.  That continued for a few days.  Then he refused food.  A day later, he refused water.  For the past day or so, he's been writhing and howling in pain, eyes closed, having random spasms throughout the day.

I took some photos of him four days ago so I would have some pictures to remember him by.
Sephiroth's 19th birthday is only a month away, but after agonizing about it for a while...I couldn't live with myself allowing him to die while writhing and howling in pain. :(  He will be put down in the morning, which is only 4 hours from now.  I am so incredibly sad right now but I know it's the best thing for him.  I have been petting him and he seems to howl a little bit less when I do, but he is still suffering very bad and I feel horrible about it.

I will miss so much about him...having him high five me for a treat (I taught him that trick several years ago), his sneaky way of trying to steal pizza or ice cream from me, or how he would place his paw on my hand to make me stop typing while I was working in my office...

My precious Sephy...I hope you understand I don't want you to suffer anymore :(

On the upside, my other cat Yngwie doesn't seem to care very much, though he's been looking at Sephy strangely.  His birthday's only a week from now and he'll turn 2 -- something that cheers me up a little bit.

November 24, 2013


A little while my mom urged me to watch this video of a KBS news story--it's a major television network in South Korea, if you aren't aware.  I wasn't really sure why, but I watched it anyways.

Turns out it's a news story about people around the world who are doing Korean style makeup.  So I thought "Okay, I'm interested in that, so maybe she just wanted to send me something additional to watch..."

Then the news story starts showing videos of women around the world who are doing Korean style makeup.


And seriously, my paleness is seriously overboard here what the hey.  Apparently KBS knows my Youtube channel exists, which makes me a bit giddy.

Also, A Thing About ELF Cosmetics

Now, I announced this on my Facebook page a little while ago, but if you don't read my Facebook page, here's some really cool news: I'm now partnered with ELF Cosmetics!

A few months ago, ELF Cosmetics held a contest looking for Youtubers to be their next "ELF Haul Girl," with 9 winners in total.  All they asked for was a contest entry of a makeup look done only with ELF products--and naturally, I did an ombre lip.

I won, and so that means a lot of fun things on the way, including reviews on upcoming ELF products...and most importantly, more giveaways.

Everyone likes giveaways, right? :)

And in Upcoming Youtube News

If you haven't seen the notes on my previous Youtube videos, well here's your chance to find out...that I'm doing a giveaway next week!  In fact, I plan on doing at least two giveaways before Christmas; a sort of holiday celebration exclusively for my lovely subscribers :)

I'll let you in on what I'm giving away next week,'s Makeup Geek products.  Two pressed eyeshadows, two pigments, and an eyebrow brush--this can all be yours, and you can even pick out the colors too :)

Also, to help improve my video quality, I recently bought a bigger ring light and three studio lights, so things should start looking very professional soon!  Hopefully these products will arrive by the end of this week.  Fingers crossed.

What's up with you guys?  Let me know :)


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