January 30, 2013

A Quick School Makeup Routine [VIDEO]

I remember my university days not too fondly--and I still haven't kicked the habit of dressing like one (hey, hoodie are comfy?).  Still, if there was one thing that made a difference, it was making the effort to put on makeup.  It sounds silly, but slapping on lip gloss and eyeshadow boosted my self-confidence and made me more attentive in university...probably because if I did sleep, my makeup would be ruined.


Anyways, back in university, what I favored the most was a simple, smoked out purple eyelid with simple eyeliner.  This usually took me around 5-10 minutes each day; lucky too since I always managed to wake up 15 minutes before my first class!

And that brings me to today's video: A quick makeup routine for high school or college.  Enjoy!

Extra, Extra

It feels like forever since I've been in school (I stopped going to uni in 2006), but I may be making a return this year to pursue a degree in dietetics.  My line of work has always required me to be knowledgeable about nutrition--as in reading, evaluating, and writing about studies, not perusing WebMD once in a great while--and a degree in this field would be the best option for me to continue my career.

With that said, I've been looking through a few of my college pictures from way back when.  Things looked very different--namely my hair!  Here are just some of the frightening pics:

Clearly a meeting of the minds here.
After staying in Japan and perhaps getting the worst haircut in existence.
Seriously, I used to be blonde, scary times.



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