January 24, 2013

MAC Mineralize Blush in Amber Glow (Review)

If there was one word to sum up MAC Mineralize Blush in Amber Glow ($23.50 at maccosmetics.com), it's this; heaven.

Few blushes flatter my pale, painfully parched skin, but Amber Glow breathes life into my cheeks. My husband's thoughts: My face had a natural winter glow.

A part of MAC's limited edition Apres Chic collection, MAC describes it as a "warm peach," which "veils and enhances the cheekbones with a luminous, pearlized shimmer." On the skin, it's a touch powdery, but blends seamlessly into the skin, which layers easily and has just a hint of shine. If you're worried the color is a bit too peachy, it's quite the contrary: Amber Glow is also sheer, so it only adds subtle, soft color.


Like all of MAC's Mineralize Blushes, Amber Glow comes in easy-to-open packaging, with enough space to swirl the blush brush of your choice. You can also use a powder puff to pick up more color, or for a subtle wash, your fingers.

Though in the pan it looks and feels powdery (slight powder residue billows out if you use a brush), on the skin it settles in very nicely, adding a touch of peach and shimmer without looking too strong. The blush is very workable; I found it easy to blend out with my brush and fingers. As MAC promises, the formula is very buildable, so you can control the intensity of color and shimmer by applying more layers as needed.


Because of its light formula, Amber Glow doesn't compare to the longevity of MAC's Pro Longwear Blushes, but the wear is still decent. During a normal work day, it lasts around six hours--about how long I work, indoors. It fades after this point, so you'll need to touch up occasionally. For longer wear, using a cream-based blush in a similar color underneath Amber Glow may help it last longer and look more vibrant.

Left: Makeup, no blush. Right: Makeup with MAC Mineralize Blush in Amber Glow added.   Where am I looking...?


Attention pale skinned people: This is a must have! Most pink or red blushes look too strong or unnatural on my cheeks, but the color of Amber Glow naturally gives me that pale winter flush; for natural Winter makeup, this is a necessity (though it's also a great color for Spring). Amber Glow is universally flattering on pale skinned people with both warm and cool skin tones, though it may not be a good match for darker skin tones. For darker skinned complexions, I recommend a deeper coral, such as MAC Mineralize Blush in Stereo Rose.

Amber Glow is a quick way to add color to cheeks if  you are forever pale, oh woe is me, why does the sun hate me?

Would I Repurchase? 

Absolutely. MAC Mineralize Blush in Amber Glow is one of my favorite blushes at the moment, and I plan on wearing this well into the summer (or until my skin gets too tan for it).




  1. Jasmine@themakeupfileJanuary 26, 2013 at 9:36 PM

    Beautiful color. But I'm afraid the shimmer might show off my gigantic pores!

  2. I have somewhat unsightly pores but it didn't seem to really emphasize them. It has a really nice diffusing effect on the skin.

  3. This looks so gorgeous on you! You know, I have never even tried a MAC
    product... but I think you are going to convert me. I want this.

  4. Where can I purchase this? Can't find it anywhere.


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