January 21, 2013

My Acne Cure: Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser!

Okay, I'm totally not fibbing here, but I haven't had cystic acne thanks to this one product.  Can you guess what it is?

No, it's not my apricot scrub.  Not the Neutrogena either.  And no, sorry Mr. Dawkins, but your book did not miraculously cure my acne either.

It's Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser ($7.64 at ULTA Beauty), a gentle cream cleanser and makeup cleanser that also triples as a moisturizer.  I've used it for a month now and it's done wonders for my complexion--evening out, smoothing, and soothing my oily, irritated skin while keeping acne at bay.  In fact, I haven't had a single cystic bump in three weeks.  Seriously, here's the proof:

My makeup-free complexion just after using Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser right before bed.
Ah, tis quite wonderful to have clear skin again--my skin hasn't looked this good since I was 16.

Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser in Action

So here are the deets: Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser is a creamy, white cleanser that helps remove makeup and other impurities (like if your face was full of soot, it removes that) just with one smooth, massaging motion on the face.  I like to warm it up in my hands before spreading it over my face, working it in in circular motions.

Now if you don't like thick creams, bad news: It's thick like butter!  On the upside, that means you don't need a lot to cleanse your face; on the other hand, it has that thick, greasy feeling on the skin, which really doesn't go away even after you wash it off with water.

At first, feeling the greasy residue on my face made me nervous.  Would it clog up my pores and make my acne worse?  Is it supposed to feel like this?  I even tried wiping it away with a towel, but that greasy, moisturized feeling stayed put.

Oily Pizza Face No More
About a week into using Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser, I began noticing distinct changes--namely, the feel and look of my skin.

As a hormonal acne sufferer, acne loves my chin.  My chin is a total acne magnet, and its own version of hell erupts on my face during "TOM."  But a week into using this product exclusively to cleanse before bed, a wonderful thing happened--I didn't have a single pimple on my chin!  In fact, I didn't have any pimples on my face, a rarity for me.

I thought perhaps this was just good luck, so I used it for another week, but my skin still looked great, pimple-free, and I noticed my skin tone evening out.  The acne scars on my chin became less noticeable.

Better yet, it was pretty good at removing my makeup.  Unlike my trusty Rimmel makeup remover, which had a hard time removing makeup from my waterline, this cleanser removed every speck of it.  Clean up was easy too--simply wipe it away with water and pat dry with a towel.

So, it's a pretty good cleanser.  And it just may be the cheapest acne cure on the market (at least for me).

How has your experience been with it?




  1. I keep wanting to get some of this. I keep telling myself to wait a bit since I have so many cleansers, but ahhhh. It's on my shopping list now.

  2. Cool! Let me know how it works out for you :)

  3. Seeing this post reminded me to pick some up tomorrow... I miss the Ponds cream, the stuff I'm using right now from Nivea is too heavy and with the weather changes, is causing T zone issues, blech, lovely sensitive skin me has.

  4. After your reading your review, I was convinced and bought the cleanser! I have one question...what is your method of washing it off? I washed my face with it once...and then decided to wash it a second time with my Clarisonic because of the lingering "grease" feel. However, I noticed through my Clarisonic that it was still removing make up from my face (even though I had already washed my face once). Therefore, I feel that I need to completely remove the cleanser from my face in order to remove my make up as well... I don't want to wipe my face too hard either because I heard it is bad for your skin. Any ideas? Your advice would be much appreciated!

  5. Hi! What I normally do is splash my face with water first, then use a damp towel to remove the rest (being really gentle of course). It does have a greasy feel that bothers me sometimes, but I find this method makes it feel less greasy. As an alternative you can use their cucumber cold cream cleanser...I discovered this a few months ago and it has a thinner formula. Feels really refreshing too!

  6. Nice cleansing.


  7. How did the greasiness go away? And how long did it take. After reading your article, I wanted to buy it. :)

  8. So do you just use this alone or do you use another cleanser after it? since you said it leaves a greasy residue.

  9. I've gotten this at Dollar General before, and it's even cheaper there! It's less then $5! Great stuff!


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