February 23, 2013

Homemade Red Chicken Curry

Curry is a favorite of my husband's, especially of the Thai variety.  Every week, I create his favorite curry--red curry with tender chicken pieces and peas.  Sometimes I toss jasmine rice quickly in the rice cooker as an accompaniment.

My husband swears it tastes exactly like a red curry he gets from the restaurant (the restaurant referencing a Thai restaurant we visit often), and he often goes for seconds, and thirds...

Although I prefer Indian curry, this hits the spot just right.

I doubt this is authentic Thai curry, but it tastes bloody good.  Now if I only I could master Indian cooking...




  1. Mmm thai/malaysian red curries are my favourite kinds!! I love Indian but I often find them too rich, green peas with curry is a staple around here. :D

  2. Indian curries are a bit harsh on my tum. Thai is easier :D


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