February 26, 2013

Maybelline Color Whisper Lipstick in Coral Ambition (REVIEW)

Pictured above is Maybelline Color Whsiper Lipstick in Coral Ambition ($7.49 at various retailers), a somewhat toned down, peachy cousin of Petal Rebel that feels so, so good on my lips.  Like Petal Rebel, it offers somewhat sheer pigmentation that nourishes my lips with smooth, translucent color, and did I mention that it kind of smells like candy?

Actually, it reminds me of those faux-fruit cereals I ate as a kid.  Like Fruity Pebbles...

Oh, and I'm totally digging its sheerness here.  For a drugstore lipstick that isn't as heavy on the opaque scale, Coral Ambition delivers smooth, coral pink color in a cinch.

That deserves the "You-are-now-a-staple-in-my-travel-makeup-bag" sort of treatment.

Except it doesn't.

Obligatory close up shot.  Ooh, coral.


If you read my previous review on Petal Rebel, I'll echo the same opinion here--it's smooth, glides easily, and leaves a tint of color that wears easily on most lips.  The color is immediate with one swipe; for a strong lip, swipe it over that pucker several times to build up a lovely, coral sheen that's wearable for both work and play.

Oddly enough, Coral Ambition emphasizes my lip imperfections more than Petal Rebel, despite my lips being fully moisturized.  It settles unevenly on patchy, wrinkled areas, drawing attention to it rather than disguising it.  From afar, the effect is hardly noticeable, but up close can look a bit icky.

That is totally like the worst eye makeup ever, but here's a before and after shot.


Maybelline Color Whispers aren't noted for their staying power, and the same holds true for Coral Ambition.  It's more of a tinted lip balm in the sense that it doesn't stay put for longer than an hour; add eating or drinking into the mix and it smudges away easily.

I think some of the blame is due to the way it sits on your lips.  Unlike other lipsticks, which sink into the lips and stays put, Coral Ambition smooths over the top without melding with your lips.  The result: A lipstick that acts more like a lip gloss but feels like a lip balm.

Odd combination.

Wearing Coral Ambition.  Flash on.  Looks kind of like my 300 other pink lipsticks...


On my lips, Coral Ambition perks up my lips, but only slightly--and this is because this color is close to my lips' natural skin tone.  On other lips, this color can look either slightly pink or a very bright, smooth coral, depending on your skin color.

On its own, Coral Ambition looks incredibly flattering, but I think it looks especially lovely on women with darker skin tones, adding a nice pop to the lips.

Would I Repurchase it?

I'm teetering on the fence here.  Sure, the color is lovely--and it's a nice, moisturizing color too--but I'd rather own a lip balm-stick hybrid that didn't emphasize my lip lines or dry, patchy spots.




  1. Sorry to hear that this accentuates the imperfections. I have this in another color and I really love how it looks.

  2. I have a couple of their shades and love it too - not lip-friendly for me though >_<


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