March 8, 2013

Hard Candy Face & Body Luminizer in Doll Pink (REVIEW)

It's no secret: We're aging, and it's showing up on our faces.

Thankfully, there's a beauty product to mask it, better known as Hard Candy Face & Body Luminizer ($8.00 at Walmart).

The deets?  It claims to add a natural, ageless glow to your skin without making it greasy; you can also apply it anywhere (within reason).  It's also super super pink, so think twice about buying it if you have dark skin--light pink luminizers are best suited for paler complexions.


For the price, you're getting a lot of product here--sometimes even too much.  The tube deposits a big dollop of luminizer--this in cream form--that can easily cover your face and then some.  To highlight cheekbones, the cupid's bow, and the bridge of your nose, you just need a pea-sized amount, applied with fingers or a small concealer brush.

Seriously pink stuff.
Hard Candy isn't quite as sheer as other luminizers; it's glowy but also pink at the same time.  If your skin gravitates towards the pinker side (like me), then it should blend effortlessly into your skin.  If you don't, however, the pinkness of it is a bit jarring--kind of like you spread shiny pink blush all over yourself.  Not a good look.

Because of its somewhat sticky, cream formula, I had no trouble spreading this out.  I like how it looks on my skin compared to powder highlighters; it doesn't emphasize dry spots and blends into foundation or blush in a snap.  When my skin is too parched for matte foundations, I like to mix a dab of Hard Candy luminizer with two squirts of foundation for a more luminous finish.

Left: Me, wearing makeup, no luminizer. Right: Luminizer added to chin, cheeks, and nose.  It's subtle, but it's there...


Wear-wise, Hard Candy is fairly long-lasting--even more so if you add a powder highlighter on top to set it.  During a typical day, the luminizer retains its glow for a good 6-8 hours.  After the 8 hour mark, the shine fades away slowly, and by hour 12, there's hardly any left.  After a full day of wear, I also notice it makes my skin feel greasier.

Wearing my Hard Candy Face & Body Luminizer, camera flash on for more visibility.   I'm totally looking at a squirrel.


Personally, I feel that Hard Candy Face & Body Luminizer would be a more appealing product if it wasn't so pink.  This color truly only works with specific skin tones, and is extremely unflattering on darker skin tones--perhaps a more golden color would work better.

I truly do love how this mixes effortlessly into foundation and gives me a subtle glow, but it really only works with people with similar complexions, and I think I'm half vampire or something...

Would I Repurchase?

For a cheap cream highlight, I'd definitely consider a repurchase.  My skin is absolutely parched right now (thank you winter), so adding a dab of Hard Candy Face & Body Luminizer helps liven up my skin...makes it look less "dead."  I wish it had more of a translucent, neutral color, though.



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