March 29, 2013

Hitler Skunk, A.K.A. I Really Regret Not Buying This

I've been on a short mini-vacation this week--and like all 20 somethings, I went antique shopping.  Okay, wait, maybe people my age don't do that, but I like history...

During my venture, I found this gem in an antique store in Stillwater, Minnesota.  He was up on the 3rd floor, in a dusty room all by his lonesome.  It's a chalkware sculpture of Hitler with a skunk's body.  If you turn him around, you can see his, well, uh, poloch...

He had no tag, so unfortunately, he didn't seem to be on sale.

Turns out Hitler Skunk is quite a collector's item.  Via Quad City Times:

I wouldn’t call these items super-rare, but they are far from common, certainly historical and in high demand.

A bit of home-front political commentary, they are considered a form of anti-Axis propaganda obviously made during the war. Der Phew-er also appears on period postcards, as well as glass ashtrays inviting smokers to “Jam your cigarette butts on this skunk!”

Similarly offensive items included the Hitler Squealing Pig Bank, the Hotzi-Nazi Pin Cushion, the Big-Mouth Mussolini Ashtray and a complete ceramic trio set featuring the Hitler Skunk, Mussolini Pig and Tojo Rat. 

Formerly available through mail-order catalogs and dime stores, they are all highly prized among historians and collectors of World War II memorabilia.

The cost of Mr. Hitler Skunk? Normally around $150, provided it's authentic.

Man!  This would've really gone well with my sculpture of Kim Jong Il covered in poop...



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