March 7, 2013

Spring Nail Art for 2013 [PHOTOS]

Spring 2013 is just around the corner--or at least I hope it is...

While there's about six inches of snow right outside my window right now, the weather is warming, and the snow is quickly disintegrating into slush and water.  Let's hope it's permanent (fingers crossed).

In anticipation of spring, my nails are getting a pamper, courtesy of my hyoooooge nail polish collection.  Seriously, I store all of my nail polish in a tackle box, and even that's not big enough for all of my nail polishes now.

Now For the Actual Spring Nail Art

Shown below are a couple of designs I'm currently sporting on my fingers.  I'll admit, the tropical one is probably more summer than spring, but hey!  Anything that reminds me of warmer weather is fine by me :)

Spring has about one notable holiday (that's Easter), so bunnies and pastel colors will always be a "spring" thing.  For my first design, I opted for a simple bunny silhouette, glitterfied.  I achieved this look by adding one coat of light purple nail polish, drawing out the shape of the bunny's head with a black nail striper, and then filling it in with a silver glitter nail striper.

For the second design, I created the leaves of the palm tree by making criss cross strokes over my nail.  I drew a straight line down my nail then filled in the edges with black to create the silhouette of a beach.  Lighter, pastel dots were added with a small dotting tool.  The soft green background is courtesy of an Essie nail polish, applied once over my bare nail.

For the record, I used the nail stripers sold by KISS.  They come in a pack of three--mine came with white, black, and silver glitter.  I love these stripers, but they get goopy and thick make sure to use it fast!




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