April 14, 2013

Fairydrops Jelly Gloss is the WORST Lip Gloss I've Ever Used! [REVIEW]

During a recent Asian cosmetics haul, I picked up Fairydrops Jelly Gloss in Pink Crystal ($18.42 at PrettyandCute.com), a translucent pink gloss with specks of glitter, which initially grabbed my interest because I've heard a lot of good things about the Fairydrops brand, namely their BB cream.

Here's the official word on what it does:

"The Fairydrops Jelly Gloss is a lip gloss with moisturizing essences that blend and melt into your lips after application. Texture feels like a regular lip balm at first then smooths out into a jelly but non-sticky gloss. Gloss lasts for hours after each application." - PrettyandCute.com

I'm going to show you how it looks on my lips--before and after application, so you can get an idea of how this jelly gloss really shines.

Here are my lips before Fairydrops Jelly Gloss is applied.  There's a slight, natural shine to my lips and these puckers looks very pale and smooth.  Perfect for lip gloss application.

This is after Fairydrops Jelly Gloss has been applied to my lips--multiple times, I might add.

My lips basically look exactly the same, aside from a minimal (and when I say minimal, I'm being generous here) increase in shine.  Not exactly what Fairydrops claimed.  In fact, if I recall correctly, it was expected to  "smooth out into a jelly but non-sticky gloss."

And those supposed moisturization properties?  No bueno.  My lips feel slick for half an hour, but then it fades off immediately, leaving my lips parched.  It's not only practically invisible on my lips--it doesn't even last an hour and barely moisturizes.

The $1 lip balm I got at the Dollar Store offers more shine and moisturization than Fairydrops Jelly Gloss, and I spent way more than $1 here.

Pretty packaging, but there's just nothing beneficial about this lip gloss.



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