May 6, 2013

Bye Bye Tan With...Holika Holika Pearl Essence Mask [REVIEW]

It was pretty warm in Minnesota today, so for some quick relaxation, I smoothed on this product: Holika Holika Pearl Essence Mask ($2.00 at Pretty&Cute).  Here's the low down on this product:

Holika Holika Pearl Essence Mask claims to create a brightened, luminous skin tone with the help of pearl powder, used for hundreds of years as a natural skin whitener.  Available only in sheet mask form.

  • Contains the whitening agents licorice root and pearl extract
  • Not paraben-free; contains methylparaben
  • Contains castor oil!
  • Purported to moisturize the skin and lighten sun spots, general skin tone

How to Use the Holika Holika Pearl Essence Mask

Sheet masks are a relaxing way to pamper your skin and perhaps reap the rewards of a better skin tone (or in this case, a whiter skin tone) for the best results, leave it on as long as you can.  This allows plenty of time for the serum to penetrate your skin.

The instructions for this mask sheet are in Korean, but all you have to do is wash your face, pat dry, then place the serum-soaked mask over your face.  Allow it penetrate your pores for at least 20 minutes before removing, then pat the excess serum into your skin.

Pretend this doesn't look weird.
On my Buddha-shaped face, the Holika Holika Pearl Essence Mask fit well around my features, so more of the serum soaked into my skin.  It didn't cover my lip area very well, however--and that's where I have the most pigmentation!

My Results

After removing the mask and allowing the serum to dry, I noticed my skin felt a bit sweaty and sticky--like that feeling you get after working out.

Later I found out that this mask contains castor oil, which would explain that odd, sweaty feeling; my skin and castor oil do not mix, and I'm afraid I'm going to break out now.  Yikes.

Getting closer to my goal of having "Korean actress skin"...
On the plus side, my skin does look visibly lighter, and a touch dewier.  It looks naturally glowy, and light, but not in a sickly or pasty way.

On the contrary, I don't like how it's not a pleasant feel, and my skin feels greasier, not softer.  I still get similar whitening results with my Missha Rice Mask without the grease, so I don't think Holika Holika's Pearl Essence Mask will become a part of my skincare routine.

How have face masks worked out for you?



  1. Heheh, I don't think I need to be any whiter, lmao. I almost burned yesterday, our first really hot day of spring, I was wearing SPF 55 and it only took an hour to start feeling it even with that on, ruh roes. I can't use anything with mineral oils very often, I do break out with lil white pimples everywhere. I hope you don't from this!

  2. It's finally getting to be warm here too. 70F, I had to turn the AC on lol. #foreverwhitecrew


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