July 26, 2013

Skull Makeup with Wolfe FX Neon Pallet...Glows in the Dark too!

Earlier this weekend I did some experimenting with my Wolfe FX Neon Pallet ($20.00, sillyfarm.com), a face/body painting pallet that features six water-activated neon shades.

I went for a skull mask look, although I'm not happy with the results.

Though I like the colors, this pallet is just a pain to work with.  You need a lot of water to make the colors spreadable, and even then it doesn't really go on opaque.  Compared to my Kryolan face painting pallet, it just underperforms, and it's not something I would probably use for face painting unless I was really desperate.

Supposedly it glows in the dark, but I don't have a blacklight to test this out.

I'm still working on a feasible skull mask design and I think I have a general idea of how I want to do it--though it'll be a while before I post the finished results on my Youtube channel.

Consider this an informal review; this pallet just doesn't suit my needs at all!  Boo urns!



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