August 10, 2013

False Eyelashes With Just Mascara? L'Oreal Voluminous Waterproof False Fiber Lashes [REVIEW]

Because it's completely normal to shop for makeup while grocery shopping, a few weeks ago I picked up this gem: L'Oreal's Voluminous Waterproof False Fiber Lashes ($8.99 at  Popped this into my cart while I was getting a few essentials--and by that, I mean green tea ice cream, and, uh, Kashi cookies.

Hey, if it has flax seeds in it, it's healthy, right...

Here are the official deets:

The power of sculpting fibers give you an outrageous, false lash look from any angle with this fiber volumizing mascara by L'Oreal.
  • Incomparably volumized 
  • Extended new lengths 
  • Infinitely structured 
  • Incredibly curled 
  • Waterproof

I wasn't born with a fabulously lush set of eyelashes (damn you Asian genes), which should be evident by my extensive false eyelash collection, but hey!  Perhaps this could provide me with the perfect alternative when I don't feel like messing with eyelash glue.

Well, no bueno.

Applying the Mascara

There really isn't anything different you need to do while applying this mascara; just carefully wiggle it through the roots of your lashes multiple times for a good layer of color.  This is both black and waterproof, so it doesn't quite give you volume and length with just one swipe--it's something you have to work at...

Oh man, I've always wanted to look like I'm on drugs.
Because the formula is somewhat dry, it's not as messy to work with, although it clumps like cah-razy.  Even if you swipe all of the clumps away, it still has a "clumpy" look; not exactly close to a false eyelash look, but more of a "these-spidery-lashes-may-suggest-I'm-on-illicit-drugs" look.

As for volume, I don't think my lashes look very voluminous--what do you think?

Also, I'm perpetually angry about everything.  Grumpy Cat, you have competition.
No, actually, I'm not seeing any volume here; though there's a lot of length here.  I prefer my mascara to provide both length and thickness, however.

Wait, that reminds me of something...

Final thoughts: It provides length to my otherwise puny lashes, but with that I get clumps and a general spidery look, which is pretty much kinda never ever attractive.  Ever.



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