August 19, 2013

So I Tried it: Ikea Najad Salmon, the Only Good Part About My Worst Weekend Ever

On Saturday my husband and I headed to Ikea for some impromptu shopping (i.e. buying a bed), which meant we had to stop by the cafeteria for a quick lunch.

I mean we had to--I mean, you can't let all of that food go to waste, right...

But lo and behold!  Ikea was doing a promotion where if you bought $150 worth of stuff from Ikea, you could eat anything from there FOR FREE.  So of course I opted for the Najad salmon, raw salmon that they boast is both "marinated and smoked."

But Is it Good?

Oh man, this dish is quite killer.  I'd kill for another bite.  And by kill, I mean drive to Ikea again.

Kinda big warning though: It's raw, so the texture is different, but it's unlike anything I've had before--not like sushi--with just a hint of crispiness on the edges and a delicious, smoky flavor that permeates every inch of it.

According to MyFitnessPal, it contains around 230 calories, 13 grams of fat, and 19 grams of protein, so it's diet-friendly, although it's probably meager pickings if you're looking to get stuffed.

I was awake for about 26 hours at this point during the weekend (Sleep? Oh, pish posh), so I was feeling too weird to eat too much--so the perfect lunch for me.

Also, Here's the Other Reason I Was Up for Over a Day

I am currently on the most flucked-up-sleep-schedule-in-existence, so in order to finish some work, and then run errands, and then, oh yes, I need to go to Ikea to buy a bed, that meant not a lot of quality sleep.

But the real reason I didn't get any sleep this weekend was because after we left Ikea, my truck died, with a trailer attached to it.  On a busy freeway in Minneapolis.  During rush traffic.

At least the sky was purdy.

But not to worry!  While we were pulled over dying in the heat, a guy in a tow truck pulled over and offered to help tow us back home.  Well that was fine and dandy, but I felt wary about the guy, but my husband didn't think much of it.

So after around an hour, the truck was hauled onto the top of the tow truck, and the tow truck guy assured us that the trailer was secure.  My husband even asked us if he was sure everything was attached correctly, and he said it was.

Why am I mentioning this?  Well...


About 10 minutes into the trip, while cruising at 60 mph by the Walker Art Center in St. Paul, I casually looked at the side mirror to see SHEER HORROR.  The "carefully attached" trailer?  Waving back and forth violently like an excited puppy.  That might be cute if it was an actual puppy, but this was a tow truck, and there were cars behind us.

I yelled, but the tow truck guy ignored me--and that's when the trailer flew off from the end of the tow truck and rolled across the side of the busy highway, narrowly missing a car, eventually crashing into a side wall.

I screamed, and eventually the tow truck guy pulled over, and the trailer was a mess.  Everything was bent and one of the tires was completely ruined.

Of course, the tow truck guy didn't apologize; in fact, he tried to blame us!  Suffice to say, he was not paid the full amount of money required to tow our stuff, because hey, kind of destroying someone's trailer because you don't know how to attach a trailer properly, which could have actually caused a huge car accident, is a great way to make your customers angry.

-5 Stars, bro, that service was not legit.



  1. Sorry to hear you had such a rough weekend :-( But hey, at least there was one good thing about it!

  2. Thanks! I'm feeling better now :)


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