December 4, 2013

Alternative to PALTY? Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color in Golden Brown [REVIEW]

So I used this hair dye on my almost-virgin hair last night: The Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color in Golden Brown.  It's not your ordinary hair dye either--claims to lighten even the darkest of hairs thanks to its "ultra lightening formula."

Earlier this year I gave my hair a dark red hair dye and it's been fading out ever since...into a really garish brown-red shade which I don't really care for.  I wanted something more flattering, so I chose their Golden Brown color, which is slightly ashy on the package with no real red undertones.


Soooo here's how it turned out.

The Deets on Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color is your standard hair dye with an extra special formula for dark-haired gals who don't get the right "lift" from ordinary hair dyes.  While it doesn't contain the same quality you'll find in a beauty supply store, such as Sally's, it's still the easiest (and probably only) alternative to bleaching your hair yourself and using a box dye over it.

In the package you get a developer, a "color creme," oil, and a packet of conditioner to use once you rinse the hair dye out.  It's easy to make the dye; just dump the ingredients together, shake gently, and twist the tip of the developer cap off to use it in your hair.

This formula isn't drippy, so it's easy to work into your hair without having to worry about it flying everywhere.  However, there isn't quite enough product here for my thick hair, so I wasn't able to get to all of the areas of my hair.  You leave it on for 20 minutes before rinsing out; it comes out fairly easy.

As for the results, well, it doesn't quite match the color on the box.  Instead of having cool-toned brown hair, here I have slightly lightened brown-red hair once again--not exactly what I was looking for.  Even on my virgin roots, the color didn't work the way I wanted it too; it's a nasty, brassy orange I'll need to correct in a few weeks.

Some of this may have to do with the fact that my natural hair color is--le gasp--actually red?  What? 

My natural hair back when I was 22...which is like 5 years ago, eep.
Seriously though, my hair is naturally this odd shade of red that looks a bit clownish on me.  It runs in the family too--my brother has jet-black hair but his beard is actually red!  Evidently this must be from my Swedish side of the family, since my grandpa was a red head.

But anyways, this hair dye really failed in a major way.  I'm super peeved!  I'm going to dye my hair back to dark brown in a month or so to cover up this weird brassiness.  Grr.



  1. I'm sorry it didn't work out for you but thank you SO much for the review. I actually have 2 boxes of this stuff I've been scared to use.

  2. You're welcome, yeah it's a bit of a bummer! :/

  3. I used this about two years ago in the color Light Intense Auburn and I really liked it. Squeezing all the product out of the metal tube was a hassle but other than that it was easy to use, the color was nice and it lasted longer than any other hair dye I've tried.


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