December 13, 2013

Bleugh! I Got Surgery And Now I Can't Walk :(

So it was last Friday when I began to feel a peculiar soreness around my tailbone.  I didn't think much of it at first--I do get odd pains and sores from time to time--but by the end of Monday night, I knew something was wrong.

Wrong in the sense I couldn't sit, stand, or even lie down without being in excruciating pain, and there was an odd mass growing by my tailbone.  And by excruciating pain, I mean screaming and crying uncontrollably--that sort of pain.

By Wednesday night, the mass has grown to the size of a golf ball and I was sent in for an emergency surgery the next morning.  The physician diagnosed it right away as a pilonidal abscess, where pockets of pus collect under the area below your tailbone, causing immense pain.

The cause?  Usually heavy falls or long periods of sitting are to blame; I do the latter a lot, since I do freelance writing for a living.

The Surgery

To remove a pilonidal abscess, you get what I call old-timey surgery, because it seems like something a doctor would do during the 19th century.  First, they tried to "numb" the area with a lidocaine injection, except that it felt like death and I started crying frantically--but it didn't have any effect.  Ignoring that, they cut into my abscess right away, which caused a pain I have never felt before in my entire life, and I swear for a moment I was going into shock from it all.  They kept on cutting and "digging" to get rid of the inflamed areas and I felt like I was going to die, but I eventually made it through it.

Once they finished the process, they packed the area with gauze (which also feels like the 8th circle of Hell).  I was then prescribed an antibiotic and Vicodin before being set off on my merry way.

Also, I Can't Walk

Post surgery, I attempted to pick up my medications at the local Target, but didn't last long because while in Target I nearly fainted.  I was suddenly feeling very nauseous, had a horrible headache, and could hardly breathe--felt like I was having a heart attack.  I could barely walk either because the surgery pain was intense; I had basically been stabbed open multiple times, so obviously picking up my medications myself probably wasn't a good idea.  At home, the pain and headache just got even worse and I couldn't keep anything down--I was puking up any food or water I consumed, plus the consumption of the Vicodin made my nausea extremely bad.  As a fun side effect, Vicodin made me feel extremely drunk too, so I was back to crying and screaming in bed.

The next morning I felt well though, after switching out Vicodin for ibuprofen.  Today I'm feeling a bit better too, though the pain is still there and I'm basically immobilized from the surgery.  I've been lying around all day resting and sporadically playing Grand Theft Auto 5 (by the way, super challenging when you're lying down) to take my mind off the pain.

On a scary note, they said I need more serious surgery for this in the future, because the cause of this abscess wasn't removed--so it could inevitably return.

Obviously, dealing with this is making it hard for me to be a super active beauty blogger, but I'll try my best to recover quickly.  Being this weak and unable to do anything is really putting me in the dumps :(




  1. OUCH! Hope you're feeling better very soon!

  2. Oh wow, that is super scary! Glad it's taken care of for now... feel better soon!

  3. That's awful... Vicodin doesn't go well with me either. They might be able to prescribe another pain killer so you don't have to deal with that horrible pain.

  4. Thanks, I'm finally feeling better now but I still can barely walk, my lower back is really weak right now :/

  5. Ended up just using ibuprofen since my pain has substantially subsided. Phew


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